About Us

David Humphrey


In September of 2019 our Chef/Owner, David Humphrey, started A&H Provisions to help bring a local option for spices to the Atlanta, Georgia area.  An option that will give local residents the ability to have a spice merchant help them make the right choices when purchasing their spices.  We will source our product so as to provide you with freshest product possible.

Chef David has been in the culinary industry for over 25 years.  His first job was at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois.  After that he was hooked on the industry.  He would continue to work with food whether it was in the back or front of house, in positions from entry level to managerial.  In 2010, Chef David enrolled in culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Chicago and then graduated in March of 2012 with an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts.  He then began working at fine dining restaurants in Chicago, amongst them were, Bistro Bordeaux, Fork and A10.  In 2016, He moved to Lawrenceville, Georgia and began working at restaurants there, then eventually switched over to Private Chef work before starting A&H Provisions.

At A&H Provisions, we have the belief that making great food starts with a solid FOUNDATION.  Our spices provide that foundation for ultimate FLAVOR, which will give you the greatest tasting FOOD for you and your family.